This intensive course is aimed at offering students of Aviation an exhaustive overview of Airport Operations while equipping each with necessary knowledge and skills to excel in an increasingly challenging yet rewarding industry. A regular day in the life of an Airport staff is characterized by lively actions and demanding responsibilities. Operating amidst drastic changes in economy and advances in the world of technology, Airports have to tread carefully in transforming themselves into business-like entities. In these challenging times, Airports are desperately in need of hiring individuals with excellent management skills and aptitude for customer service.

Acquiring a broader knowledge of Aviation and its evolution is central to understanding the complexities involved in Airport operations and customer handling. Learning in detail about Airport operations enables employees to serve customers with unconditional professionalism. The Aviation training Program is specifically crafted to make Aviation students acquainted with technological, economic and technical dimensions of the industry. Over the next twenty years Airports are expected to accommodate double the current passenger volumes owing primarily to exponential economic growth, low cost carriers and privatization of air transportation.

 Aviation is a relatively new phenomenon in the realm of transportation that was set in motion when the Aviation pioneers Wright Brothers invented the first successful Airplane on December 17, 1903 in North Carolina, USA. The groundbreaking invention gave birth to Aviation and paved the way for the creation of first ever official airports in 1909.

 As flight became more popular and captured public imagination, the number of airplanes also increased accompanied by rise in the number of airports across the globe. Air transportation is chiefly dependent on the effective coordination between airlines, airports and air traffic control agencies. Understanding the interplay between these varying branches of aviation is the key to resolving issues concerning airport operations.  

We really welcome you to be a part of the vibrant Aviation industry by pursuing the Airport operations course at the globally recognised training centres of   IATS  based in   COCHIN ,   TRIVANDRUM   and  ADOOR.



Getting an Excellent  Job in an International Airport or in an Airline requires efficient training.  The “Airline Customer Service” is a prestigious course of IATA highlighting various aspects of customer service including Cross cultural awareness, better standards of customer service, communication skills, customer contact techniques, managing stress and the new trends in customer service.

It plays a vital role in passenger handling in major International Airports and other travel companies  

Become the expert that sets your airline apart for service excellence and customer loyalty. Discover new trends in service and loyalty programs, improve communication skills, explore cultural awareness issues and stress management techniques.  

This IATA course helps to explore the role of an airline professional in the airports and airline companies. The aim of this course is to introduce the student to the role of a customer service professional in the aviation industry especially at the airports and airline companies.

Whether you are starting a career in aviation or seeking  management training , you will definitely benefit from this innovative and productive course “ Airline Customer Service”  of the  IATA International Aviation Training Program

Hope we have enlightened you about the importance of customer service which leads you to the tremendous potential in the Airline industry.

We really welcome you to be a part of the colourful Airline industry by pursuing this reputed IATA course at the globally recognised training centres of   IATS  based in   COCHIN ,   TRIVANDRUM   and  ADOOR.